Mutual Learning about how to "bridge"
Employment and Inclusion strategies, actors and actions through social economy experiences.

Main Working Packages

European General Overview on Employment and Inclusion Policies - to conduct a European general overview on employment and inclusion policies during the last ten years in order to analyse and demonstrate its "parallel roads" and to put in evidence the missing connections and opportunities for coordination. This report will have a focus on the European level and its institutions concerning these strategies. This report will also include a final framework to orientate the national researches which will be developed in the 2nd WP.

National/regional researches - To develop national (or regional) researches trying to identify key strategies, programmes and actions in the field of the promotion of employment and the social welfare for inclusion (particularly those ones who show their ability to integrate the most disadvantaged groups or individuals). These national researches will include a first chapter about the general context of the country (concerning social inclusion and social welfare policies). When these reports will be finished the national partners will be responsible for organising national (or regional) workshops to present and discuss these reports with a range of different actors in order to involve them and better qualify the information. CIARIS (the Platform from ILO) will play an important role promoting these exchanges by facilitating on-line discussions to prepare and follow-up the national (or regional) workshops.

Bilateral Peer Reviews. Each national partner will organise a peer review to receive another national partner. The country receiving the peer review partner will organise a workshop (and visits) involving 3 or 4 experiences of inclusion trough employment initiatives. These peer reviews will be carried between:

This will permit to enrich the analyses produced in the second WP and a mutual learning between the partners. The results of these "peer reviews", apart from the obvious mutual learning, should help to define the next and very important WP: the selection of experiences and their capacity building on fostering actions and projects "bridging" employment and social inclusion initiatives.

Designing of experiences - in each partner country (region) there will be a selection of 3 (maximum 4) different experiences. These experiences should be organisations (from different fields but with a specific focus on social economy) confronted with problems of poverty and social exclusion and which would like to participate in a capacity building process for "bridging" actions and projects in the context of this project. In a certain way, these organisations / experiences will constitute a laboratory for designing strategies of "bridging" employment initiatives to social inclusion and fight against poverty and social exclusion. The capacity building process will count with a very active contribution from the CIARIS Platform by providing the necessary on-line distance training tools. This action (within the context and objectives of the project) should also be able to help the organisations involved (with the monitoring from the national partners) to develop strategic approaches and to draft project proposals in the framework of the Structural Funds (2007-2013) having present the idea of "bridging" employment and inclusion strategies. Some of these experiences should also try to tackle the available technical assistance in the Member States for the development of experimental projects and actions. To resume, the main idea of this WP will be to raise the capacity of different kinds of organisations to draw strategies and actions (following the conclusions of the previous WP's) counting with the support and mentoring of the project trough the CIARIS Platform.


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